Science behind waist trainers

Waist trainers are a so called miracle device that help one achieve the dream body. But what is the science behind them being able to give us what we want easily?

Truth is, there is none. Why? Because waist trainers do not actually work.

Waist trainers are portrayed to reduce spots, that is, the reduction of fat around one specific spot. Whereas, the reality is that spot reduction doesn’t actually work.

Scientifically, spot reduction is not possible. National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine studied The Effect of Abdominal Exercise on Abdominal Fat and found that subjects who performed abdominal exercise showed no result. It means that it did not actually work.

Hence companies’ claim that waist trainers are the miracle device is actually crap, and originally the waist trainers won’t work because you cannot choose to burn fat at your desired place in the body.

The best way to reduce your waist is aiming to lose your entire body fat. This can be achieved by exercise and a proper nutrition plan and not by the use of waist trainers.Check out those waist trainers for long torso 

So when someone says you to buckle up, just know that science suggests not to do it literally

Best Universities in the world


  1. Harvard University 


Harvard is the best university in the world and no other university has ever challenged its position in the Shanghai rankings. It is the standard to which other universities are compared and evaluated.

It was founded in 1636 and it is one of the oldest universities in the US procuring tremendous riches through grants.

However, it’s much more than just a rich university and its status as the best university in the world can be corroborated by the insurmountable achievements of its students. A staggering 47 Nobel Prize winners have been produced in these very corridors and classrooms. It will be harsh to single out a department and say that it is the best. Harvard takes pride in being the best in almost every discipline whether it is law, medical or business. It equips the students with the amenities to excel in their fields and do extensive research which can change the world as we see it.

  1. Stanford University


Stanford is not just about state of the art laboratories, research facilities and Institutions such as the Hoover institution which has been associated with producing prodigious social, political and economic minds. It’s much more than that. It takes people and not just ordinary people to make a university a top one. People who have proved their professional credibility and they have stunned the world through their work. Stanford is blessed with the finest minds in the world and boasts about its 22 Nobel laureates, Five Pulitzer Prize winners and many other ‘Einsteins’

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Over a span of 150 years, MIT has become a premier research center revolutionizing the world with breathtaking discoveries and inventions.

MIT has become famous for its programmatic approach towards first class problems and it has always hoisted his flags against the impossible and the unachievable. It has produced 80 Nobel laureates over the years and has provided groundbreaking solutions to the world when it needed them.

Father of Linguistics Noam Chomsky also studied in these very halls along with many other notable personalities including Buzz Aldrin, Kofin Anan and many other renowned personalities that have forever inscribed their name in the annals of history.

  1. University of California at Berkeley


University of California is different from other top universities in the world as its competition is mostly private owned universities. It has emulated its rivals quite effectively over the years and proved to be a solid Institute. It produces more PhD’s than any other University in the US and it provides an opportunity to students from all over the world. It is currently home to students from over a hundred nations.

What to consider before pursuing a bachelor degree

After high school, most of the students are super excited to join universities so there are a few things that everyone needs to know before pursuing their bachelor degree. Now many of us think that we know what we want to do in life but sometimes circumstances aren’t always parallel to our wishes. Life takes us on a completely different track so do not be disappointed if you don’t get into the college of your dream or you do not get into the bachelor program that you wanted to be in.
1. Don’t give in to social Pressure

The few things that you need to worry about or consider before you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree is that make sure you know what you want and you know what you are good at. Sometimes due to peer pressure and social pressure we want to get into a degree program which is not exactly of our interests but it has other benefits in the future such has handsome salaries and job securities. These things are important but they won’t bring you peace.
2. Go for a degree you have interest in
Try our best to go for something that you really like. If you go for a field of study that you really enjoy or have interest in, then things will be very fun and worth the time and effort. Make sure you do not only opt for the Universities or colleges that are close to your home.My sister had always a passion for sewing and based on the info she gathered online ( mostly from this site) , she put everything in practice and was doing quite well,that’s why she decided to pursues a textiles studying program. So yeah always choose a field you’ve passion over.
3. Aim big, Go for the best!

Go for those universities which you believe are going to give you the best type of knowledge and education. This is a point in life where you do not have to think about your comfort and in fact one has to be practical and go for what is the best.
4. No compromise on enjoyment

On top of all that, make sure you enjoy university life. This is that part of life where you make friends who will possibly be with you forever, because you share the same field of study. Consider this as a golden time in your life. The best thing about this part of life is that you get equal amount of fun as you get to study. There’s another thing that you need to consider before starting your bachelor’s program and that is the type of Majors you are planning to choose. If you are sure what you want to do in future or in your master’s degree then make sure you select your majors according to that.